Wild Coast Tented Camp Aerial view Wild Coast Tented Camp in Sri Lanka

Wild Coast Tented Camp Aerial view Wild Coast Tented Camp in Sri Lanka

About us

Curator of beautiful destinations and one-of-a-kind places to stay.

The joy of travel is one of life's true treasures. With an abundance of choices available, finding the perfect places to stay isn't an easy task. Our curated guides are dedicated to simplifying your journey by handpicking only the 10 finest hotels, resorts, and lodges of each destination.

Each recommendation is carefully selected by our passionate team of travel aficionados and hotel connoisseurs. We personally stay at each location, ensuring that our suggestions are based on genuine encounters and thoughtful evaluation.

We believe hotels should be more than just a place to sleep: they are gateways to unique and unforgettable experiences that linger in your heart long after your departure.

Pool at Omaanda Lodge in Namiba Overlooking the Namibian bushland from the pool

Pool at Omaanda Lodge in Namiba Overlooking the Namibian bushland from the pool

The approach for our hotel selections

First, we start with comprehensive research, including online resources and insights from those with firsthand experience of the destination, such as travelers or local travel experts. From there, we craft an initial list of potential hotels, setting the stage for our selection process.

Next, we proceed with firsthand exploration of the destination and its array of accommodations, reviewing the character, service, amenities, and overall guest experience each property delivers. It's not just about the aesthetics or the ratings - it's about the feel, the hospitality, and the memories created.

Only after we've gathered our experiences and insights do we make the final selection. The 10 hotels that make it to our guide are those that provide the finest experiences, the ones that stand out for their exceptional service, remarkable uniqueness, and the ability to offer guests a slice of the destination's heart. These are the places we're proud to recommend, ensuring our readers have access to nothing but the best during their travels.

Wild Coast Tented Camp Aerial view Wild Coast Tented Camp in Sri Lanka

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a travel agency? Can I book through you?

No, we are not a travel agency and we don't handle bookings or sales. Our aim is to inspire your travel choices. For every hotel we feature, we include a direct link to their official website. While you're free to book through any platform you prefer, we encourage you to book directly with the hotel for the best experience.

Do you visit hotels without revealing your identity?

For our hotel evaluations, we occasionally visit anonymously. However, we typically inform the hotels of our stay beforehand, mainly to gain deeper understanding of their product and services, and to obtain permission for photography. Rest assured, this contact does not sway our final selection. Our commitment is to authenticity and quality. If a hotel does not meet our high standards, it will not be featured in our guide, regardless of any prior arrangements.

Doesn't a list of just 10 hotels seem quite limited?

It can be indeed challenging to narrow down our choices to such a limited number but selecting only 10 hotels allows us to highlight the absolute best for each destination. Nevertheless, recognizing the wealth of quality accommodations out there, we've recently begun to include an additional section in our guides, listing further great places to stay, and also highlighting unique lodging alternatives.

Are the 10 hotels for each guide ranked in any way?

No, the hotels in our guides are not ranked in a specific order. Whether a hotel is listed as number 1 or 10 doesn't imply it's necessarily better. In some cases, we may group hotels by their location or type within a region. Often, we reserve a special highlight for the last entry, so it's always worthwhile to scroll to the end of the list.

How do you pick destinations?

We aim to encompass various regions across the globe, especially focusing on places that lack extensive online information (don't expect a guide for New York or Las Vegas from us in the near future...) Our guides are tailored for leisure travel, highlighting destinations rich in natural beauty and cultural experiences.

How do you earn money?

We sustain our website independently, without selling hotel placements or manipulating our rankings. Each hotel guide includes a direct link to the property's official website; we avoid third-party booking sites and do not have affiliate booking agreements. Our revenue is generated solely through display advertisements (such as banners) on our site.

Do hotels pay to get featured in your guides?

No. Hotels cannot pay or elect to be included on 10hotels.

Can I recommend a hotel for one of your guides?

Absolutely, we welcome suggestions from our readers. We're constantly on the lookout for new hotel openings and periodically reassess our listings. If you have a recommendation, please feel free to send it to us through our contact form.

Can I also start writing for you?

Thank you for your interest. At the moment, we are not seeking contributors for our guides, but this may change in the future. Keep an eye on our site for any updates regarding this.

I'm a hotel owner and would like to work with you.

We're always open to hearing from hotel owners. To get in touch, please use our contact form. Please be aware that it's not possible to purchase a listing or influence the rankings in any of our guides, as we maintain strict editorial integrity.