10 of the Best Hotels & Riads in Marrakesh

Discover Marrakesh's 10 Most Exquisite Boutique Hotels and Riads, a Blend of Traditional Grandeur and Modern Luxury

Join us in exploring destinations where luxury intertwines with the vibrant heart of the Medina and the serene majesty of the Atlas Mountains, promising a journey filled with unforgettable moments in the enchanting land of timeless tradition and modern elegance.

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El Fenn MarrakeshEl Fenn

El Fenn

Medina of Marrakesh

Nestled in the vibrant heart of the Medina, El Fenn stands as a hidden gem in Marrakesh, effortlessly blending traditional Moroccan charm with contemporary artistic flair. This boutique hotel, with its strikingly colorful interiors and bohemian elegance, provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city streets. The rooms and suites at El Fenn are uniquely decorated, each telling its own story through bold art pieces, plush furnishings, and a warm, inviting color palette. The attention to detail in design creates a sense of personal space that is both luxurious and comforting.

El Fenn is more than just a place to stay; it's an experience that engages the senses. The rooftop terrace offers spectacular views of the Medina and the Atlas Mountains, making it a perfect spot for sunset watching or enjoying a leisurely breakfast. The courtyards and plunge pools provide serene spaces to unwind. With its delightful blend of modern luxury and cultural heritage, El Fenn captures the essence of Marrakesh's spirit, offering an intimate and enchanting stay in the heart of the city.

Royal MansourRoyal Mansour

Royal Mansour


Embark on a journey to the heart of Moroccan luxury at Royal Mansour, Marrakesh. This opulent retreat, set within the ancient walls of the city, is a masterpiece of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. The design of Royal Mansour is a homage to the region's rich heritage, featuring intricate tile work, delicate carvings, and sumptuous fabrics. Each private riad, hidden amongst a labyrinth of scented gardens and tranquil courtyards, offers a secluded haven of elegance and comfort, with its own rooftop terrace and plunge pool.

Indulgence is redefined at Royal Mansour, where gastronomic excellence meets the highest standards of service. The hotel boasts several exquisite dining options, each presenting a unique culinary journey that ranges from traditional Moroccan cuisine to international gourmet dishes. The spa at Royal Mansour is an architectural marvel in itself, providing an array of treatments that promise rejuvenation and tranquility. For those seeking a blend of cultural immersion and unparalleled luxury, Royal Mansour is not just a stay but an experience that captivates the senses and soul.

Les Deux Tours HotelLes Deux Tours

Les Deux Tours


Les Deux Tours, nestled in the lush palm groves of Marrakesh, is a serene oasis that marries traditional Moroccan architecture with the luxuries of modern living. This enchanting boutique hotel, with its tranquil gardens and reflective pools, offers a peaceful retreat from the vibrancy of the city. The rooms and suites are thoughtfully designed, featuring local artisanal crafts, rich textures, and an earthy color palette, creating an atmosphere of rustic elegance and comfort.

At Les Deux Tours, every detail is catered to ensure a memorable experience. The restaurant, set amidst the gardens, serves delectable dishes crafted from locally-sourced ingredients, offering a true taste of Moroccan culinary traditions with a contemporary twist. The spa, a haven of wellness, provides a range of treatments that promise relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether lounging by the pool, wandering through the fragrant gardens, or enjoying a quiet moment in the private terraces, Les Deux Tours is a celebration of the senses, offering a unique blend of Moroccan hospitality and timeless charm.



Marrakesh Outskirts

Amanjena, a luxurious oasis on the outskirts of Marrakesh, is a sanctuary of peace and serenity, inspired by the region's rich Moorish heritage. This exclusive resort, with its elegant arches, tranquil waterways, and lush gardens, embodies the essence of Moroccan opulence. The pavilions and maisons at Amanjena are a harmonious blend of traditional Moroccan architecture and contemporary comfort, each offering a private and sumptuous retreat with views of the beautiful surroundings.

The experience at Amanjena is marked by an unspoken promise of exclusivity and personalized attention. The resort's dining options are a culinary delight, featuring a range of Moroccan and international dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. The spa at Amanjena, a haven of wellness, offers treatments that integrate local healing traditions with modern therapies, providing a deeply rejuvenating experience. For those seeking a luxurious escape in a setting that echoes the grandeur of ancient Moroccan palaces, Amanjena is an unparalleled destination, offering a tranquil and indulgent escape from the ordinary.

Riad de TarabelRiad de Tarabel

Riad de Tarabel

Medina of Marrakesh

Riad de Tarabel, tucked away in the historic heart of Marrakesh, offers a tranquil sanctuary that exudes elegance and charm. This beautifully restored riad seamlessly blends French colonial style with traditional Moroccan design, creating an atmosphere of understated luxury and warmth. Each room and suite is uniquely appointed, featuring antique furnishings, delicate linens, and subtle touches of modern comfort, making every stay a unique experience in this intimate setting.

The essence of Riad de Tarabel lies in its attention to detail and personalized service. Guests can enjoy leisurely meals in the romantic courtyard, where the cuisine is as delightful as the setting, offering a fusion of local flavors and international delicacies. The rooftop terrace provides a serene spot to unwind, overlooking the city's rooftops and the distant Atlas Mountains. Riad de Tarabel is not just a place to stay; it's a haven where time slows down, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the tranquility and beauty of Moroccan living.



Medina of Marrakesh

Sakkan Marrakesh emerges as a vibrant and stylish retreat in the heart of the city, offering a blend of contemporary design and traditional Moroccan elements. This boutique hotel, with its modern aesthetic and energetic ambiance, caters to those seeking a unique and lively experience in Marrakesh. The rooms and suites at Sakkan are crafted with a keen eye for design, featuring bold colors, chic furnishings, and all the comforts of a modern urban retreat.

The hotel's lively spirit is best experienced through its array of amenities and services. The rooftop bar and pool area provide a perfect setting for socializing and relaxation, offering panoramic views of the city and a taste of Marrakesh's dynamic nightlife. Dining at Sakkan is an adventure in itself, with a menu that celebrates local ingredients and flavors in a sophisticated, contemporary setting. Sakkan Marrakesh stands out as an urban oasis, combining the energy of the city with the warmth of Moroccan hospitality, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking for an unforgettable stay.

AnaYelaRiad AnaYela


Medina of Marrakesh

This restored 300-year-old palace, is a testament to the beauty of traditional Moroccan architecture and craftsmanship. Each room in AnaYela is a work of art, adorned with hand-carved furnishings, intricate silverwork, and luxurious fabrics, offering guests a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Morocco while providing all the comforts of a luxurious retreat.

The magic of AnaYela extends beyond its exquisite rooms. The rooftop terrace offers a tranquil escape with stunning views of the Marrakesh skyline, ideal for enjoying the sunset or a quiet meal under the stars. The cuisine at AnaYela is an authentic reflection of Moroccan culinary traditions, prepared with a personal touch that makes each dish a culinary delight. This riad is not just a place to stay; it's an immersive cultural journey, a sanctuary where stories are shared, and memories are made, capturing the essence of Moroccan hospitality in every detail.

Riad BE MarrakeshRiad BE Marrakesh

Riad BE Marrakesh

Medina of Marrakesh

Riad BE Marrakech, nestled in the heart of the Medina, offers an eclectic and artistic retreat that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Marrakesh. This boutique riad, with its blend of traditional Moroccan design and contemporary art, creates a visually stunning and welcoming atmosphere. Each room and suite is thoughtfully decorated, featuring a unique combination of local crafts, bold colors, and modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable yet authentic Moroccan experience for its guests.

The essence of BE Marrakech lies in its dedication to creating a sense of community and cultural exchange. The central courtyard, a lively social hub, is perfect for enjoying a traditional mint tea or engaging in conversations with fellow travelers. The rooftop terrace provides a serene escape with splendid views, ideal for relaxation or yoga sessions. From the personalized service to the creatively inspired environment, Riad BE Marrakech is more than just a place to stay—it's a destination that offers a true taste of Marrakesh's contemporary culture and artistic flair.

Berber LodgeBerber Lodge

Berber Lodge


Berber Lodge, nestled amidst the rustic beauty of the Moroccan countryside, offers a unique retreat that beautifully encapsulates the essence of traditional Berber culture. This charming lodge, built with local materials and age-old techniques, stands as a testament to simplicity and authenticity. The rooms, designed with an understated elegance, feature earthy tones, handcrafted furnishings, and textiles woven by local artisans, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of Berber heritage.

The lodge's commitment to a genuine, earth-to-table experience is evident in its culinary offerings. Meals at Berber Lodge are a celebration of local flavors and ingredients, served in a communal setting that encourages connection and sharing. The surrounding landscape, with its olive groves and majestic mountains, provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and exploration. Whether lounging by the pool, enjoying a leisurely walk through the gardens, or embarking on a local village tour, Berber Lodge is a haven for those seeking a deeper connection with nature and Moroccan culture.

La MamouniaLa Mamounia

La Mamounia


La Mamounia, an iconic landmark in Marrakesh, stands as a symbol of timeless elegance and Moroccan grandeur. This legendary hotel, with its blend of Art Deco and Moorish influences, exudes an aura of classic luxury and sophistication. The rooms and suites, each a masterpiece of design, offer an opulent retreat with sumptuous fabrics, intricate mosaics, and stunning views of the lush gardens and the Atlas Mountains. La Mamounia's commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail, creating an ambiance of regal comfort and style.

The hotel's culinary landscape is as diverse as it is exquisite. From authentic Moroccan cuisine to international gastronomic delights, each restaurant and bar at La Mamounia provides a unique dining experience. The spa, a sanctuary of tranquility, integrates traditional Moroccan rituals with contemporary wellness practices, offering a rejuvenating escape. The enchanting gardens, a signature feature of La Mamounia, are a testament to the beauty of Moroccan horticulture, inviting guests to wander and unwind in a serene, verdant setting. La Mamounia is not just a hotel, but a destination in itself, capturing the essence of Moroccan luxury and hospitality at its finest.

Best time to visit Marrakesh

The best time to visit Marrakesh is during the spring months of March to May and the fall months of September to November. These periods offer a delightful balance of warm, comfortable weather and manageable tourist crowds, allowing for a more relaxed exploration of the city's wonders.

Spring in Marrakesh is especially enchanting as the gardens bloom with vibrant colors, and the city's energy is at its peak with cultural festivities. Fall, on the other hand, brings a milder climate, ideal for wandering through the bustling souks of the Medina or taking excursions to the nearby Atlas Mountains. Both seasons present an opportune time to experience Marrakesh's unique blend of traditional and modern charms, from its historic palaces and riads to its lively markets and cafes.














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